Are you look for a great TV series? Are you also looking for a hacker story to watch sitting on your coach with some popcorns? Well.. Mr. Robot is for you! This Television series can't be mentioned on HackJungle and read why we say so.

Mr. Robot - Best Hacking Movie Series

Mr. Robot - Best Hacking Movie Series Mr. Robot - Hacking TV Series

 8. Mr. Robot is an amazing well produced Television Series that we suggest to all of you to watch. A perfect mix of action, thriller and documentary, in fact, this series  follow the story of a young talented computer programmer working for a Cyber Security Company during the day, meanwhile, the young guy suffers from social anxiety disorder and satisfied itself through hacking.  This immigrant story brings to you an amazing adrenaline and make you compare the real life that surrounds you every day, with the one of the movies.

During this hacking movie, you are able to see direct references to the hacking world, such as DDOS attacks, social engineering, data center (Network Infrastructure), Linux and much more.

Mr. Robot gives you a strong idea how the world we are living now, doesn't have privacy and be controlled easily with if you handle the right skills. 

This Television Show was rated very well from the top website such as:
- IMDB 8.8/10
- 9.1/10
and won the award prestigious Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Drama 2016

Check it out the Official Trailer Below and start watching Mr. Robot series 1 on Amazon Prime Video for free

Mr. Robot - Hacking Movie


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