There are 3 recognized types of hackers, here how you can get in touch with them and make them work for you. Remember Hacking It’s not illegal until you start spraying on public property.

1. Find a Hacker - Good or Bad?

Find a Hacker - Good or Bad?

2. Find Hacker active on Raddit

  1. There are many hackers they are active on Reddit. 

  2. Many hackers are active on reddit (the User Social Network, where people can vote for news). If you are new on Reddit, you'll need little bit of practice, before you can find the right topic / group related to real hacker and get in touch with them.

3. Search Hacker by Nickname

As we all know, there are different kind of Hacker, (White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat), some are good, some are bad. Most of the Hackers, like to leave their mark a sort of signature on each job thet success using a NickName such as (DiabloX3 etc). If you visit hackers forums, you can easy find their NickNames and follow their activities.

4. If you use a VPN, you might be a Hacker

VPN, we talk about many times, and if one of the favourite tools used by Hackers, because let you surf the web anonymously. A lot a Hacker they can get very paranoid during their "dirty job", if you know somebody using a VPN, might be a sort of Hacker, or just like to be protected. 

5. TOR and the Dark Web

As we talk before on, Tor let you connect anonymously to the web and you can sure the Dark Web, lots of the most skilled Hacker are working on the Dark Web, offering their Hacking Skills in exchange of BitCoins so they can't be track. If you know how to use TOR and you are really serious to find a real hacker, you should sure the Dark Web. Remember to connect with a VPN and TOR (of course).

6. Using the TOR CHAT

The Tor Chat let you connect anonymously to a Hacker, a create a chat via a TOR address, you can download for Ubuntu or Python version. Definitely this is a good way to communicate with a Hacker.

7. Social Network - Hacker Group

Social Network are for sure a good place where to find Hackers or people with a good skills and get in contact or receive important information.
Remember doesn't exist only Facebook, Twitter, Google +, there are so many social network out there.


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