Out there are so many resources where you can learn and grow your hacking knowledge! This list bring together all the best free hacking tutorials in one place so you don't need to waste your time searching for it.

How to become a Hacker

How to become a Hacker

Why become a hacker? Is not easy at all!

Before follow with hacking tutorials list, understand that become a hacker is not easy! You need to be passionate about the computer, technology and you must be complete. Be a Hacker is not downloading a Kali Linux Tools and start to hack the WIFI password, but is deeper than that.

A lot people from various hacking community suggest learning some programming languages as well, such as HTML, Python, C, and Javascript to understand how web pages work and operating system "Think". Of course, you'll need to have a deep knowledge of networking. But again, what you really need is passion and problem-solving skills, as you know.. The computer is all about "Problem Solving", so if you are good with that, you are already 30% complete to become a Hacker!

If you land to this web page, probably you want to become an Ethical Hacker or probably you want just to learn some basic hacking skills to impress your friends... Remember to a true hacker go beyond of what other normal people see, a hacker doesn't stop to know "How things work" but again it's all about what this behind and why things are working that way.

A real Hacker will find the vulnerability on a web site, software and more and develop a tool to exploit this vulnerability. So if you want to start to be a hacker, be ready for the challanger.. and help the community of internet. Now.. let's see the Top Tutorials you must read to become a 50% hacker! The other 50% (Your Passion).

I don't know nothing about Hacker - Where to Start?

Everybody need to start somewhere, and we put together these links that we believe will be a great starting point. Be ready, even if is beginner level these tutorials are not so easy, you'll need to be concentrate and ask yourself "Why is working like that", try to ask more question and understand the logic of each tutorial. I also suggest to write down somewhere each method you'll be using, so if you'll need in the future to go back to old information, will be easier for you.

https://www.cybrary.it/ Cybrary (Amazing community that put together free video classes made by top experts in IT that will help  you gain the most common Certifications like Cisco, ITIL, CompTIA A+, Cloud +, Linux +, Network +, Security +, Cryptography + and there are complete tutorials about the most popular topic in the Hacking World. You can easily register for free and get access to all the materials and share your knowledge with CVbrary Community. Be part of Cybrary.it is a MUST and if you are looking for a starting point. Absolutely you can't go wrong with them). Cybrary.it gives you 3 option to start to learn (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance / Leadership), once you'll complete all of them you'll have a deep understating of how things work and what to use and to do at the right time to resolve certain problems.

Guru99.com ( http://www.guru99.com/learn-penetration-testing.html ) - Is an established website about "learn by practice", is a perfect starting point to learn to code with tons of tutorials and examples for most popular coding languages such as (Php, Java, SQL...). All the tutorials are free and they provide a full training for each path you'll choose, usually, each free course is more than 100 videos, giving you a full basic understand. What we like more, are the possibility to do some live practice and answer quizzes creating an amazing user experience!

Rapid7.com (https://community.rapid7.com/docs/DOC-2248) - This website has great penetration testing tutorial with a big community putting together documents, blog post, tutorials, video. 

Soldierx.com Pentesting Tutorial: (https://www.soldierx.com/tutorials/Pentesting-Tutorial-1-Information-Gathering-Part-1-Nmap) - Perfect Tutorial to start understand Pentesting with Nmap step by step with all the terminal examples.

Vulnerability, First thing to do everyday of your new Hacker Life

Do you know 2015 was the years with the biggest number of Vulnerability? As OSVDB.org quotes ("Everything is Vulnerable").

As we say before, to be a real hacker you don't need to hacker WiFi networks, but cool to go deeper than that, and Vulnerability is what security professional and Ethical Hacker is what are looking for and then create a solution for theses. 

Here a few link of Vulnerability Databases that will help you understand what kind of Vulnerability you can find out there and how to exploit/fix.

Exploit-DB (https://www.exploit-db.com/): is one of a complete Vulnerability Database you can find, updated by the public community, there are so many topics that you'll need months to go throw everything. The main categories are (Web Applications Exploit, PoC Denial of Service Exploit, Remote Exploit)... Have fun!

Securi Team (http://www.securiteam.com/): This website / community is managed by a group of individuals that want to bring to you all the latest news utilities on Computer Security.

CVE Details (http://www.cvedetails.com/): This amazing website it will keep going back each day to check the newest vulnerability, basically is like a search engine, with top lists to make find vulnerability faster. You can browser by (Top 50 Vendor,  By Date and By Type). Is always updated, real full resources for all Security Professional.

National Vulnerability Database United States of America: This USA government website managed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) give a search tools to find all the latest vulnerability up to the last 3 years. A well know resources for all Security Experts.


As we wrote above, you must have a solid understading of many fields, one of this is Cryptography a must know topic for all Hacker!
This important area are well studying for software programmers and security profesisonal or "Etichal Hacker", here we are talking about data security and a Hacker to decrypt data must understand how  encrypt them. Is also interesting to research and understand why old encryption techniques today are not working anymore on this modern world.

Do I know to know maths? Yes, a medium level is required.

Mozilla Explain Public Key Cryptography (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Security/Introduction_to_Public-Key_Cryptography) - Good tutorial will teach you how Cryptography is used on Public Keys, with a deep understanding of SSL certificate and the data are transfered.

IBM Tutorials: Introduction to Cryptology (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/tivoli/tutorials/s-crypto/s-crypto.html) : For sure this well trusted resource is a great resource to learn some basic information about Cruptology.

Popular Products Vulnerability

As we all know, there are some products the require more attention than others, popular products like Microsoft, Linux, OSX, Android and other have on their official website a security bulletin to keep update users and Security Professional about some Vulnerability. Below the most Popular!

Microsoft Security Bulletin (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin)
Ubuntu Security (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/) - Ubuntu probably the most used Linux Distros, have a vulnerability search engine by "Canonical.com".
Apache HTTP Server Vulnerability (http://httpd.apache.org/security_report.html): Check the latest vulnerability for Apache the most popular server software on the web since 1995.
Linux Security (http://lwn.net/Security/) This website offer security resources for Linux.


These are just a small list of tutorial you find on internet, and of course what you really need is passion and motivation to learn and experiment. Don't just read but try it yourself.. If you have other resource just leave a comment below and good luck!


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