This tool checks if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach. That's right. Every day we hear about famous website been attacked by a hacker... are your data still safe?

Have I been pwned?

Have I been pwned?

 Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

Your Email Account is Compromised - Have you been pwned?

Data stole, Identity was stolen, password, email account and security questions are what hackers are in possess in most of the cases after they attack a website and stolen all the accounts on a database.
What they really do with this information, is try to get into others account that use your preferred email account and most of the time are also the same password been used across all the website you always use.

Some famous websites they adapt security tools / script to prevent these data breach, but we learn doesn't exist a secure website, there is always a vulnerability. 
So... how can you know if your email was in some databases that hackers attack in the past? 

There is an amazing website call" and it just do the job. You insert your email and it will scan all the database looking for past attack to famous website such Adobe, Sony, BlackHatForums, Yahoo and if it sees your email was used it give an alert:

Oh no — pwned!

Pwned on 3 breached sites and found no pastes (subscribe to search sensitive breaches)


Breaches you were pwned in

A "breach" is an incident where a site's data has been illegally accessed by hackers and then released publicly. Review the types of data that were compromised (email addresses, passwords, credit cards etc.) and take appropriate action, such as changing passwords.

Popular Pwned Websites

Popular Pwned Websites

The Top Breaches

Below is the list made by that show you the most popular website Breaches by famous website in the past years:

  • Adobe Accounts
    Ashley Medison Accounts
    000webhost Accounts
    R2Games Accounts
    Gamigo Accounts
    Heroes of Newerth Accounts
    Nexus Mods Accounts
    VTechs Accounts Accounts
    Bitcoins Security Forum + Gmail Dump Accounts

    To see a full list of all the Pwened Website


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