You don't need 3 computer to run 3 different operating system... You just need a virtual machine. Here Insights of Virtual Machines and how to install on your computer and start using Linux, Windows on your MAC.


You perhaps know that devices are operating system (OS) specific and hence in one machine you can only run one operating system. Imagine if you are a Mac person and need to test the windows 10 you can only run one operating system.

Now Imagine if you are a Mac person and need to test the windows 10, you do not have to have to purchase a new windows laptop for that. Here a virtual machine can help. It is a technology that runs multiple operating systems on one machine. This article will provide you with a better understanding of virtual machines.

This machine allows you to run different system software program in a separate window but within a common laptop. Your host OS will run as it is and inside that OS you can create a virtual PC in a separate window. In that virtual system, you can run any other operating system of your choice. For example, you have got a Mac PC with MAC OS X as the main OS. Then if you create a virtual computer on your Mac PC, you can separately run home windows 8/8.1, windows 10 or Linux.

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machineA virtual machine is also referred to as VM. It is a PC software that creates a virtual computer system reinforced by virtual hardware devices. Virtual computer runs as a technique in a separate window on your host operating system. For this reason, you can boot a different system software program in this machine with the usage of installer disc or live CD. Right here, you trick the OS into thinking that it is running on an real pc. The OS will get installed and run just as it does in a real PC.

For a virtual computer, firstly you need to create a virtual hard drive. In this virtual hard drive, the OS gets saved. However the OS will receive the hard drive as a real one. But, the system software over virtual computers isn't always as fast as the one installed on real hardware. This is why, virtual systems are not ideal for playing demanding computer games that require extreme CPU power and graphics.

Why would you require developing a VM?

Why would you require developing a VM?

These machines are good for geeky fun. In case you want to test the new windows 10, and do not have a windows PC then VM will be a better option for you.

To attempt a brand new operating system without leaving your current OS:

You can test the home windows system software, even in your Mac or Linux PC by creating a virtual computer. Hence, the virtual computer offers you the benefit of trying out a new system software without leaving your current OS.

To check apps and software unique to some other OS

You could take a look at OS specific software and apps in that virtual computer or you can test the new version of windows in it. When you have achieved your purpose, you can just delete the machine.

To test the apps and software program, you do not trust

Similarly, these machines are "sandboxed" from the rest of your computer. This simply means that whatsoever you do inside a virtual computer can't escape the virtual PC environment to tamper with the rest of your device. Accordingly, instead of testing the programs you don't trust directly in your real computer's OS, you can use the virtual OS and check the performance of the software.

How do you install? Install a Virtual Machine is easy!

. How do you install?

Setting up a virtual PC is simple with the aid of several good free programs. Right here are the quick steps to follow:

  • Download and set up paid or FREE VM software of your choice
  • launch it and click the button that reads "Create a new virtual machine."
  • A wizard will then guide you through the process
  • Choose the OS you want to install
  • The wizard will automatically select the right defaults for your preferred OS
  • Accept the default options set by the wizard
  • Subsequently, when prompted, insert an installation media, like a DVD, CD or an ISO file with a Linux or windows installer on it.
  • The virtual computer will boot and then load the OS from that installation media.

When you are done working with your virtual PC, you may either close the window or shut it down. To open it when next you want to use it, open your paid or free VM software and simply double-click on the VM.

Below a list of the top Virtual Machine Software that will help you run another operating system on your computer: (very good free solution for MAC)
Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac  used by more than 5 million users is a great software but you need to spend 69.99/y$ for 1-time fee for the home edition and 79.99/y$ for the Mac Pro edition. They also offer a monthly solution and Business Plan.
VMWARE FUSION / PRO the easiest way to run windows on your MAC with great performance

If you want to suggest other software, comment below!

Installing VirtualBox on a Mac


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