Post Guidelines

At HackJungle, we write articles but also you can be part of this project, writing and sharing contents, creating polls, adding videos and more. The mission of this website is to create a full detailed community with trusted and helpfull information from around the web. The content you find on sometimes can be articles from other blogger or from sponsors. We like free, who doesn't like it? So our platform is totally free to use and always will be.

Please read our guidelines mentioned ahead that must be fulfilled to eligible to post on - We try to scan and moderate manually all the post to give a better experience to visitors surfing the web. 

We understand the value of the time and we don't want to waste your time with garbage articles full of advertisement banners. 

Can I post on and insert a link back to my website?
Yes, you can if relative with the argument you are sharing with the community. We don't ask for a backlink to us. We allow maximum 3 "no-follow" links in each post as suggested by Google Guidelines.

How can I sponsor a post on on your homepage?
Right now, the post on the homepage are selected only by our team, and we choose the most requested arguments to show on the website homepage.

Please note each post you want to share on must be of minimum of 300 words, we also reserve the right to edit your posts if needed to correct grammar, spelling and formatting. Remember... we are here to give to visitors the best experience.