Check this out! I make this list with the top 6 Full Movies available to watch online for free - All these movies are about hackers and cybersecurity. Hope you enjoy it!

Hackers 1995 - Full Movie - English

Along with his new friends, a teenager who was arrested by the US Secret Service and banned from using a computer for writing a computer virus discovers a plot by a nefarious hacker, but they must use their computer skills to find the evidence while being pursued by the Secret Service and the evil computer genius behind the virus.

Algorithm : The Hacker - Full Movie - English

A freelance computer hacker breaks into secret government contractor and downloads a program. He must choose between his own curiosity and the lives of his friends.

Hackers 3 Antitrust - Full Movie - English

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

The story of Ghost In The Shell is based on the manga by Masamune Shirow and when you'll start watch, you'll see some familiarity with Matrix the Movie. The main character is Puppet Master D, a hacker with the skills of manipulating people's personalities.

Johnny Mnemonic - 1995 - Hacker Movie

This interesting movie will keep you focus during all movie, the story is about a data courier that carrying data package inside his head. There is only one problem.. the data are too large and he must deliver it before he die from it!!

Source Code (2011) - Full Movie - Eng


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