If you are using a Android phone and you are holding a Google Account, you really should watch this video explaining how Gooligan has score the biggest theft of Google Accounts.

Gooligan Hacks 1 MILLION Google Accounts - How is that possible?

As you can see from this image, a Hacker can easily attack your Android device with a Malware (downloaded from 3rd party app store) and once the malware if installed it will get all the Google Accounts access.

Providing this information the Hacker will be able to make purchase with your Google Accounts, to others stores and make money.

Is call Gooligan and has score the biggest theft of Google Accounts in the History, with over 1 Millions Accounts.

Gooligan - Hackers theft of Google accounts is a simple way. Video Explainer

Gooligan explained

Gooligan explained Image from thehackernews.com


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